A downloadable game for Windows

take control of a ship of 5 people that is stranded in space and try to survive.

There are 6 types of machinery on the ship that are represented as boxes with a letter on them :

  • E - Energy Generator
  • O - Oxygen Generator
  • W - Water Generator
  • F - Food Generator
  • R - Refinery
  • and Engines don't have a letter on them but you only need to interact with them when they break and a red X is displayed on them

All these machines require Energy to work, and the Energy Generator requires refined fuel.

the crew can interact with the machines to work on them (when a machine is worked it takes up more energy or fuel and has greater production). if the machine is broken then the crew member interacting with it will start repairing it.

There are 4 + signs in the ship, if a crew member interacts with one he will start building a new machine(this also takes energy).

Finally in order to collect fuel you must jump from system to system by having the captain(in red) go to his desk in the most eastern room (jumping requires a lot of energy), when in a new system you can send out up to two of your crew on mining trip when they return the Refineries will start converting the fuel to usable refined fuel.

Source Code: https://github.com/sgame21/ludum-dare-39

Install instructions

Download the game and run it !


Power Home.exe 461 kB

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